Byte and advertising feature

There are many platforms on Social Media that allow video content producers to make money. The monetization feature is one of the ways to secure content creators. Content producers are happy to make money from an endeavor they enjoy. Unfortunately Youtube didn’t use this feature very well. It has cut the share of Youtube content producers considerably, and that’s not fair. Byte can make a difference in this regard. It would be good for content producers to have the feature to receive ads on their own page. Thus, content producers will spare time for better quality and original content. In today’s social media, every platform that values ​​content producers will be successful. It would be great if those who fulfill certain conditions can earn money via Byte. Thus, we can attract professional content producers to Byte.

too soon for another ad campaign and monetization. most professionals want growth, heavy traffic, and etc… not enough reach to support, maybe long term? :slightly_smiling_face:

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