Byte Advertising Itself

I remember a couple of years ago, I would be watching a YouTube video only to be interrupted by a rather well done ad by TikTok. Music, Choreography and Really Cool Edits. These ads would play over and over continuously…and this was how I knew about TikTok.

Similarly, I think Byte if Byte did the same, it would be able to reach the masses in no time. Of course, we’re still in a testing period but I can see this app blow up like the world has never seen.
What do you guys think?
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Agreed once this app starts advertising more, we will rule


I’d love to see an ad that fuses everything byte has - music, comedy, animation, VFX, hashtag challenges, a quick montage of the creators…OMG. I can literally see the ad playing in my head.

At the end of the ad, there’s a cheesy line that goes like this…

I BYTE !..DO YOU? :sunglasses:

Edit: Actually, it doesn’t seem so cheesy :laughing:

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Byte needs to put you on the advertising team. You seem to have it all figured out


The main barrier between byte and advertisements right now is cost. I feel like we’re currently stuck in a limbo where byte hasn’t grown enough to afford ads, but in this day and age, it’s hard to grow without them :sweat_smile: Just gotta push the organic growth as much as possible!


the byte team is working on some major technical and algorithmic changes to the app. once they’re done with that, then they’ll (hopefully) advertise the app like TikTok

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Yes this would be cool but were already doing thing that are awesome but though they don’t offer exciting growth for byte its entertaining and shows our community to the world. Plus Dom and the team are working on making byte a go to place before the go and start ad campaigns.


Idk, we shouldn’t worry about advertisements. If retention is currently low it wouldn’t be worth wasting money on advertising, this would be a waste. TIME WILL TELL :slightly_smiling_face:


The more cool shit we make the more excited and psyched people will be when they stumble upon the app.

Attraction is just important as promotion.


Dom has mentioned this a few times but I will just paraphrase what he said.

Tiktok is a 75 billion dollar company and advertising the way that tiktok does is 3 million dollars a day. Byte doesn’t have that kind of money and has a different strategy idea in mind.

I’ve always wondered the same thing haha but the best way to keep the app growing Is word of mouth. :+1:t2:

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Or Byte can do what Tesla did - Use YouTubers to push the app. In fact, everyone’s buying a Tesla and making their own videos about it. The company doesn’t even have to fork out a scent. Free publicity. Look at David Dobrik for example.

I would be super happy to advertise byte on my YouTube channel for free - to all 73 of my followers. Yes, you read it right - all 73 of them…lol
Only because I love the app…It’s pure :heart: baby :kiss:

it’d be nice, but the answer @Zoebe4 posted is correct. Dom’s trying to build an app people love first, then advertising can roll around later! :+1: