Byte Achievements Idea & Concept

Hey guys! Since Byte is now receiving more attention lately, I came up with an idea that I thought would compliment the Star system and badges with something that I thought could be a little bit of fun to have on your profiles.

Has anyone ever thought of achievements? Like a video game achievement but on a unique social platform like Byte?

Since I’m a graphic designer, I came up with these ideas very quickly. Some of these achievements would be earned once, while some would be repeated (example: Years of Service). These are all just rough ideas to start with, so feedback is much appreciated… but do you guys think this would be something fun to have on Byte?

*some of these icons are borrowed for conceptual reasons, so this is somewhat of an idea of what I think the icons would look like.


I like these quite a lot! We have similar badges here on the forum but these are a lot prettier.


Oooooh love the idea of this! Maybe integrate the forums into the app as well and have some things overlap!


:point_up_2: This. Having achievements AND integrating them somehow to the forums would be incredibly unique


Yes that’s amazing. The forum and app is pretty separate and some integration would be great. Id like to know on the app who is also active on forums. Even if that is just implemented. I imagine anything more is difficult.

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I really love these! It would give purpose for the stars as well, these are cool!


really nice and unique idea, also gives a good incentive to share your creativity and be nice with one another which is something we all need right now! :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this!

Yeah exactly, because atm they r effectively useless

Agreed, here’s some prior discussion we had about this.


I LOVEEEEE THIS SO MUCH :small_red_triangle: we need.

I definitely agree with that statement! The app would be a lot of fun to use with these features.

Thanks Niko!! Glad to hear you like this idea! :raised_hands:

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I like this

@dom I wonder if we could do something similar to the forum on boarding bot as well to teach people how byte works? That was a huge help for me.

Solves a couple problems:
Teaches app usage
Gets them to post instead of just blank profiles
Gives them some cool tips and tricks
Starts them off with positive interaction and rewards positive interaction


Exactly what if the forums and app merged more because I mean the new peeps coming over are already treating the forums as a social media place anyways. lol

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This sounds cool, it would go with the theme of Stats!

this sounds very cool

maybe have an automatic account that follows new users and is a page on how to post and do different things on byte (kind of like how twitter automatically makes the user follow their account)