Byte 101 #byteschool

So I’m seeing a ton of “how do I use this app” posts from migrating users.

I threw this together, and while it’s rough, I’m hoping it helps some.

What other things do you think would help new users onboard?


i was initially was gonna post a separate topic about the “how do I use this app” posts… i wondering if the team will be rolling out an update animation using arrows or tutorial how to use to help newcomers! (to reach more)


What should we post tips etc under?

I’m going to try and post some more (or at least better) how to’s and I’d love to see the community do the same.
Right now I’m using #byteschool but I think having whatever we pick as a curated hashtag would be great.

  • #byteschool
  • #byte101
  • #how2byte
  • #bytebasics
  • Other (comment)

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i might post on #byteschool on my alt


Add @TomWho ‘s great how to’s to the list.

Anyone else posted any good #byteschool?