Bye bye Byte beats

Why did the byte beats program stop? Is it going to start again? I like using byte beats a lot more than sounds.
It also seemed a lot more fair to the musicians like jenandkat. Before they would get paid for their byte beats but now people use their sounds for free. Of course they can turn the switch off on their sounds but no one using it would be wise than people using it for free. Maybe they don’t care idk but it doesn’t seem fair to me.


Yeah. I like Byte Beats because they loop properly all the time. I do want to save the beats I like so I could reuse them.


oh no😞 i really like byte beats and wanted to be a beat maker myself. it is so unique to the app.



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Where did you get this news from? :flushed:

To clarify. The byte beats that are currently there aren’t being removed. But new byte beats aren’t being added anymore. I heard this from a byte beats Creator


As a Byte Beats creator that’s spoken with some of the others about this, I haven’t been informed of a specific reason for the break nor received any official word that the program is over. We aren’t really sure what’s happening, but there’s definitely music that has already been paid for that’s yet to be released. Previously releases sometimes went on hold for awhile, but this is definitely the longest one.


Thanks for the clarifications!


there are new ones actually, and they maybe just approving new sounds from creators.