Buying accounts

Someone is selling their account for 7 dollars. lol

I don’t know why this is so funny to me but I figured what do I have to lose at $7. its a pretty popular first name. Is this frowned upon? And is there anything I need to be concerned about to prevent this person from pulling a fast one on me? lol thanks.


here’s a topic about that (including solution)

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I’m not gonnna lie, I’m actually laughing too. The price was $7 bucks😂


stuff like account trading is always strange. i always looked at it like i did gaming accounts, and how you’re risking to have the account recalled by the seller.

with byte you’d be changing email information for you to ensure you could keep it which i don’t think we can do with how login works. So you’re more likely getting an alt-email account (that they created :eyes:).


Thank you!

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Lmao, I’m just gonna ghost them then.

SEVEN DOLLARS?? Damn I’ll just give that to you anyways -keep the username :joy: :joy: :joy:

I laugh, buddy tried this before on me but…

Anyways, I recommend reporting via email or dm to Byte team


yeah so someone offered me $100 :see_no_evil:


I didn’t take the offer bc i’m attached

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This is just wild. I mean if I ever got tired of my username or just stopped creating and thats a big if lol which means never lol. Then I would just shut it down and leave the account up for people to remember my videos and stuff.

dang the dude must be getting paid off selling an account for $7 dollars haha