But fr fr... do u think that tiktok will ACTUALLY be banned in the US?

they’ve been teasing this for months now and the app is really popular so idk if it’s really gonna happen. i don’t care either way because i love you guys to bits, but i was just curious about other people’s opinions on this.


Seems pretty up in the air. I think after India did it, it set some precedence for a ban by a country


Yeah. No.

Anonymous and many, many, many others have all said TT is terrible.

Apple has said it is basically spyware/malware.

People (Probably TT) are trying to spin it as more political BS.

Will Trump get a kick out of banning the Tok?

Most assuredly.

But he couldn’t do it if they didn’t have a legitimate reason and concern.


People will politicize anything. If you’re a government worker with a government phone it’s prohibited that you use tiktok.


yeah i didn’t think so either. there just doesn’t seem to be enough concern by the general public for there to be a visible good reason to ban the app, despite all of the warnings.

I think it will get banned. Mike Pompeo today seemed pretty confident that it will be.

i hope not

For a long while I was hoping tiktok would get shut down and then more people would come to Byte. After this past day I am not sure anymore. Thought Tiktok’s platform was the problem when it may actually be the people. If that is the case I do not want it to continue coming here.

Now I am really conflicted about if I want Tiktok gone. Is the amusement of tiktok collapsing worth the risk of Byte becoming the very thing I despise.


I’d say 75% chance it happens. Australia is talking about it too. Actually I’d say even higher than 75% because YouTube and other tech giants are making tiktok clones and they’ll lobby to get that market share.

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I hope not I just got to 70k followers

Personally I don’t think it will be banned. I think it’s just hype to get minds distracted.

I’m hoping the chill kids will settle in and really enjoy the app enough to stay.

I just hope I’m welcome when we get through it all. I completely ignore my comments right now. I think once the migration stops things will calm and as long and we work on improvements many will stay.


high likely yeah. us relations with China obviously arent so good. I wouldnt be mad if they do ban tiktok id be fine with people moving over here.

edit: theres a huge giant bug on byte where I cant use Byte. So I want tiktok to stay


long story short… NO

Its all politics.

Vine is a complete different story. It was bought by twitter and and was shut down. so its company(twitter Inc.) decision to shut it self down.

TikTok is another story …


TikTok will be banned because of political reasons, NOT the content and users.

If it does, then it’s a geopolitical issue blah blah blah

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I don’t think so. The American arm of TikTok will do everything they can to stay unbanned, they have already updated the app with more privacy concerns. Facebook Reels is the true TikTok clone, while Byte is more Vine-ish.

Sounds like Pro CCP propaganda.