Business account / In-depth analytics

As you may know, Instagram allows you to make your profile a company page by linking your Facebook page. What if they somehow put this into v2 so start-up brands could put a contact button or shop now button on their account? Also, give the user more in-depth analytic access like
; types of accounts viewing your profile
; monthly/ weekly/ daily/ hourly like’s
; Most popular post
; and more.

I think this would draw a lot more people into the application especially if you somehow make a “Brand” section of the app where brands could post their content and advertise themselves on other brand accounts.

For example, my friend owns the company and has two different social media accounts. He only uses Twitter and Instagram because those are the best and easiest to spread your content and you also get very in-depth analytics such as the gender of your followers, location, country, when they are most active and other analytics which he uses to advertise his brand. I honestly think if people are given this kind of access to their v2 account they will be more likely to join and stay active. If you were to make this you could also create a donate button (or as you said) charge people one penny to comment on the brand’s post (can be toggled on or off) to help out small companies.

anyways this was just something I thought I would share with you guys since I’ve seen it work in the real world.


Not sure about the business account but as a statistics nerd I’d love in depth analytics


Here for as much data as they’ll give me. I think having in-depth analytics will help with the content too because you can better see what’s working and what’s not.

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What about allowing us to add Google Analytics to our profile which would allow us to have very in-depth analytics. This could be done by making our profile a website ( e.x

100% here for analytics.


I love analytics from social media :raised_hands: so useful! I like the way twitter does it with the different info about interactions and what not…

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Analytics could really help artists grow on the platform as they get to understand their audience better.

So sounds like a great idea to me!

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I don’t think the Brand section is a good idea FOR v2. Brands will naturally take over artists in v2 with the benefit of having high-production and a large team. That’s what happened with Instagram now. Literally there’s branded content everywhere on Instagram, and sometime you start to wonder how many branded content will you be seeing in the next few months.

v2 is mainly for Artists to show off their talent and get discovered by whatever industry they are working in. Not a brand marketing app like INSTAGRAM.

But the Analytics features would be cool though…

I do like the idea of an analytics tool. It will definitely help.

I love this idea, it is definitely something I would appreciate deeply, but what I wonder is if V2 will release overall app analytics, such as how many Artist on a day average, average time spent on the app per Artist, most used tag amongst all the Artist and so on. I love looking at these types of analytics, not for research purposes, but just for fun and to see what is new and trending.

I hope that there is analytics and that they aren’t just for businesses but that everybody has access to see who watched their content.

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I also agree about the analytical visualization component. It’s so vital. What do you think would be necessary for something like Vine? Would the analytics look like something on Hootsuite or Klout? What would you want? Because I know I would want my metrics to kind of look like Klout for sake of uniformity.

I think that if you get verified in v2 (idk if they confirmed a verified artist feature) then you would be able to access more in depth analytics. I doubt they are going to have business accounts because 6.5 sec doesn’t seem like a lot of businesses would want to spend their time making 6.5 sec videos. (i could be wrong) There might be some type of integration w/ something like Shopify where you can buy something like merch that the artist is wearing in the vine. (like insta)

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