Bugs v2 + suggestions

yo yo , so recently i have ran into the “green screen” error i reported in the first week of launch , wasn’t too sure if you all were aware as @dom said he hadn’t seen it anywhere but when i reported , so here’s a picture of it happening to me recently i had more but just cleared my camera roll . Aswell as i would like to suggest , making it more easier and quicker to rebyte a post , rebyting , even though being a very hot topic and overused for the wrong reasons right now (for some) can really help us creators grow and reach more people , i was talking with my irl friend and even told me , “i wish it was easier to rebyte” bc he didn’t even know how to until i pointed it out . Other than that , that is all for now , appreciate all the updates and keep more coming :fist:t5:


I loved how you started with “yo yo” :joy::joy: but anyways I haven’t come across this bug yet but glad that you pointed out.


always keepin it gangster :rofl::fist:t5: , and yeah i’ve ran in to it a handful of times since launch , nothing major but still can hurt some creators bc it legit blocks out the byte


also , just ran into this prob and figured it would be a nice idea to implement, if we could be able to search through our follower list , like just a simple search bar at the top of the “your follower” page , could come in handy and not to big of a thing to add. :slight_smile: