Bug İphone6s

as soon as I open the application, clicking on my account opens the settings



This happens to me. I close out the app and it usually starts to work fine

Ryan has decided to stop moderating sadly. But this bug does seem weird and I haven’t run into anything like this yet. Like are you testing the news channels update or did this happen after an update you received in general.

no i have been using this latest version available this bug for a long time

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this bug only occurs when the app is opened when you click on the account section

I can record a screen

hmm… so like you can’t even see your account at all? Also did you try clearing you cache in settings? Ik that might sound stupid but that honestly fixed some things for me before.

only when the app is opened when clicking the account section

I am doing this bug willingly, I shared it for you to repair it.

no problem viewing my account

oh haha thats something they will have to look into then I don’t know anything about what would cause this lol.

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I hope they fix this bug

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