Bruh can we

y’all what did i tell you

the forums are being dead againnnnn

lets get some conversation flowing.

i miss talking to you guys! the forums used to be the only highlight of my week, now i have resorted to rewatching moulin rouge and the matrix 3 times a day.

how are you, my dudes? how are your pets? how’s school (if it’s begun)?
how’s the weather where you live? do you like pizza?

y’know, life’s important questions.

lets try to have fun again
peace out x


Hey! So I’m currently searching for a laptop to buy that does an expertly sufficient job in music production and graphic development. And I’m reeeeeeeeeally confused on what I should get. There are so many options, but a lot of them seem to be kind of flawed. It’s destroying me.

Anyway, here’s this video!


Yep, I miss the forums when it used to be so active. Hopefully with some news on the app it will bring people back. But anyway I’m good, been busy with work and thats about it :laughing:


life is good, England’s weather hasn’t exactly been great since I got back from holiday and I love pizza.
wbu how’s everything?


Yeah it sucks that it’s not as often as it used to be. My life’s been pretty darn well as of lately. I don’t start school until September, and it’s been raining too much lately haha.


I’ve already started school and it’s filled with unnecessary drama already :sob:

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Life is dandy

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luckyyyy. I love rain


Been good, sucks that the forums aren’t as active anymore.