Brilliant ideas GUARANTEED to REVITALIZED byte! not clickbait!

lmao I log in after MONTHS only to find 1 notification. (-_- )

  1. We should divide byte into sections:

" byte for kids
byte for teens
byte for mature audiences"

and byte should add a "ESRB rating for every channel for parents to have an easier time to monitor their kid’s activity on the app.

all that division would take a a bigger moderation team but It would be worth the investment…
where byte get the actual funds to actually fund a big team is beyond me. BUT STILL!
facebook has a moderation team and I’m sure other platforms do, too.
Dividing the app into sections could bring a plethora of advertisers to the app thus paying creators. isnt that the main point of byte; is to pay it’s creators? which brings me to the second idea…

  1. seduce the competing platform’s TOP CREATORS to join byte.
    ‘make our enemies top soldiers fight for us instead!’
    hypothetically, we already have advertisers on our app to pay original byte creators, we can also use that money to incentivize, lets say, top TikTokers to move away from TikTok and join byte instead. at the end of the day, it’s all abut the money.
    Youtbe’s first Ad-Pocalypse inspired this idea.
    becauase of byte’s division into different sections;
    we can offer creators the choice to find their own sponsors… idk how that would work but STILL! ( -_-)

  2. to make an app successful, we (and i CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!) have to BE DIFFERENT than everyone else!
    I really like this idea. byte can offer friendly competitions for prizes small or large.
    like, who can come up with the best meme video on this topic.
    winner gets a gift card or cash prize or even (a vacation lol)!!

  3. this pertains to seducing other creators but in order to get the byte ball rolling, we NEED, NEED, NEED to get celebrities on the app! that could in the long term because, eventual hollywood political peddling, which could be controversial, ick. ( -_-)
    people like Kevin Hart or Elon Musk or Zack Effron, Ariana Grande whatever.
    THIS IS WHAT BLEW UP INSTAGRAM, getting celebrities on the app and thus more traffic, more advertisers.

we could get former viners to promote byte. I think they owe a gratitude to Vine, I would presume that they would feel willing.
Logan Paul, Gabbie Hanna, David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad, King Bach, Jake Paul, and so all the Vine Mega-Stars.

some of these guys like Jake Paul are controversial figures but THEY BRING ATTENTION!
I think byte can offer a money incentive, or algorithm pushes if they join, OR DOM himself needs to go on a collaborative campaign on youtube. Phone interviews are good but I think phone interviews lack the in-persion connection. idk. ( -_-)

TikTok is a giant but I believe it CAN crumble. I BELIEVE IT!

with more advertisers comes more copyright-censorship but byte would have to weigh out whether byte want money or not.

if you made it this far, I know it is a long read but PUH-LEASE tell me what you think.
i hope Dom responds… ( /)
if staff DOES read this, I would mind being on the staff! ^

I’m learning to code in “C”… so there’s that.
i’m a newbie to code… (._. )


this is good post 8/8 stutters

I especially like this idea here

Although there has to be a smart way to do it. If you remember the whole Ninja-Mixer fiasco, the only one who benefitted from that was Ninja really. We also don’t want to lose the ingenuity and creativity that’s supposed to represent the platform, and have it be replaced by like every other video app’s main constituents


maybe! good point!


Byte needs a knuckle sandwich

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It is a great Idea bro. Byte should implement this amazing ideas. Btw I have also
Talked about bringing back the Viners and make them make marketing for Byte and I agree with you that it’s a great Idea. your ideas are amazing hopefully the byte team takes them into consideration.

I also know for a fact that this would blow up Byte and It would be better than TikTok.


2 and 4 have been on these forums since it was created tbh, nothing new
3 is actually not bad
1 is so dumb
first of all, the app is 13+ and i dont think people would like to make content for kids, parents have youtube kids and many more apps with videos like that
second, how different will “byte for teen” be from “byte for mature”? There will be more sex jokes? I really have no idea