Brawl stars

Brawl stars got over $10 million in it’s first week. Anyone here play it? If so, what’s your favorite brawler and how many trophies do you have?

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never played it tbh :0 am i missin out?

el primo ftw rocking 900 trophies :ok_hand:t2: I’ve had the app for a while before it went global and it’s one of my favorites

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its actually a pretty good game, just got released publically

to the people who play

my tag is: #99VOUCL9

how many trophies do you have with el Primo?

2.5k trophies, brock and penny ftw

I have 1100 trophies and I use different brawlers for different maps/gamemodes.
I like Ricochet
El primo