Brand Yourself!

La-La-La-Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of alllll agesss!

Adam2Miles here with a shitty self pub but also to help you come up with ideas!

Create your brand!
I’m talking logos, channel art, find a name and stick to it.

Have you created your brand yet? What steps are you taking to keep yourself fresh and rolling with the trends?

Let me know below!

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The only thing I have done is sleep for more than 12 hours


@ItsMeJoseGChacin I literally did that today! Didn’t mean to but it was my day off. I have to record a video for my channel, do more voice work for Ether Web Entertainment, Video edit, pick up a car from a garage… Busy day busy busy day… not a day to be sleeping.

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I’ve just been using the same art/branding for what feels like a century, but it’s still nice and fresh