Branching out to other Channels

I think Comedy is nearly if not already saturated and I was thinking of branching out to other content… But if I do that I might alienate those who followed for the comedic content

Anyone try to branch out from their usual channels?


I try wierd


I have switched back and forth from making my singing jingle bytes d dying out comedy content! Don’t know if I’m exactly funny but I try to step out my comfort zone and try new things! It never hurts to try! Reason 100 why I love byte because it gives you the flexibility to try new things and dabble into other categories! Like pac said, I’ve also
Tried the wierd category and have reached top 3 there twice! Usually I’m only “trending” on voices if that. Whatever category you feel is best, go with it! And have fun :slight_smile:


I’m just tryna the chaotic things


I feel there should be 2 categories for comedy like :vine: had comedy and also comedy and i know shilly suggested punny. But that would help make that category easier to view. But some comedy could fit in wierd to help for now. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I am currently doing a combination chanel but I am splitting the two. My main chanel is currently comedy and fun and my secondary will be fitness oriented. I think it’s a good idea to split them because people look for content in specifics.


I wanna go from making no content to branching out to making funny content lol


I want to branch out from thinking about making content into making and posting content

It’s a pretty big switch and I worry about alienating my huge loyal fanbase


I definitely don’t think comedy is saturated btw! I’m always following new channels I think are funny lol I can’t get enough. Personally I’m mostly comedy. If I posted anything else it would be nature/aesthetic stuff and if I do I’d definitely make another account because I like having it separate and not everyone likes both

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Also what’s your byte account @? I can’t find anything under @litpyro on the app