Bot/hybrid-bot problem

So some accounts out there are utilizing some sort of bot-tech to like, rebyte, and comment. They are liking videos within seconds of being posted, many of their comments make no sense or are totally inappropriate to the content they’re commenting on…or very generic emoji responses. @azadei posted a byte the other day addressing mental health and the first two responses were a laugh emoji and lol. It totally didn’t jive with the content of the byte.

What’s weird though, is that there seems to be SOMEONE at the helm b/c when you @ them, they respond.

Is there a way we can report these kinds of accounts as spam? I know it’s tricky because the possibility for abuse is there.


I actually know for a fact that several of those comments were made by actual people. I didn’t think much of it, since the intention was merely to get viewers to reflect their lives and check in with themselves.

The fact that byte is a platform that people are flocking over mainly for entertaiment makes it tough for people who want to share more than their art or creativity. I have no gripes with it, but it is still a bad reflection on the community.


It’s super annoying. I’ve blocked several popular “creators” that were using bots to gain their popularity. I think an algorithm that detects spam liking patterns would be the best solution.


I’m not saying they aren’t real people, but their behavior on the app is really spammy/bot like.


Interesting :fearful:


Relax, I’m quite understanding

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I’m just using your byte as an example, it happens all the time. It’s rampant.


Yeah, I totally see your point.

We have guidelines and even some role models for how to act on byte, but it all comes down to the user at the end of this.

If the bots haven’t been flushed out already (i’m convinced they haven’t been), then it’s only a matter of time.


Totally agree

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[quote=“onkelchrispy, post:4, topic:50065”]
[/quote] I think a lot of those are real people, but doing a sort of copy and paste or just quick emoji responses in hopes of gaining traffic. I think the have set a limit now on comments per amount of time luckily :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed this a lot too. Seems to be the same accounts/ similar types of content they all post :expressionless: kinda feel like its putting somewhat of an obstruction in the way of organic growth

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Yes they seem to be very much involved in the r4r crowd

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