Boomerang-style looping

An option to play the loop back and forth like an Instagram boomerang would be cool, it would also allow for some seriously cool, mesmerizing or even comedic vines. Thoughts?

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this would be a cool collaboration between v2 and instagram, would be interesting to see how it could be implemented. that being said, it has the possibility of being abused as a gimmick.

That’s a good point. One solution would be that people abusing the feature could get it withdrawn by a moderator.

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how would you possibly abuse this? explain

Why not just record a boomerang in Instagram, save it and upload to v2 from your camera role

I like this idea a lot. Like hold to record regularly and then swipe over to boomerang mode to record a part of the video you want to boomerang for a second or so. I agree it could be a cool feature and could make for some funny vines.

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All I can picture is someone either face planting or bellyflopping. Someone please do that :joy:

I’ll put it on the list.

Cool thanks :joy: