Boomer Byters

For all us boomer byters (18+ byters). Drop your usernames below so I can check your content out. Respect to all the kids on here, but we adults are going to be on top.


@brandongrogan I may look 14 but I’m actually 18


vine drive thru prank was funny. Keep up the good work


Dang… we’re boomers now? I’m 31 :skull: lol


@Jkarstadt - we all need to support each other!

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Who u callin boomer act like your generation and stay silent :joy:

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does boomer include older millenials/xennials?

my videos are amateurish at best @coffeecup

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mistakes have been made vid is nice. Yeah we’re boomers now because the meaning has changed just like a skull head now means seriosly (just found out what it meant 2 days ago and I’m younger than you lol)

australians know what’s up vid is nice.

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someone got some puns lol

an epic intro is nice. yeah i mean at this point boomer means anyone who is 18+. Generazation z is to blame for that lol

Boomers haha goddam. @NeelPrasad


dont you just hate when you make mistakes is nice. Keep up the good work.

Leaving this here… Why don’t we make a group chat for Boomer byters here

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Joined yesterday, username @Jyri . 40 year old dad from Finland :smiley: :finland:

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where did you join?

I mean I joined Byte yesterday :slight_smile:

So I’m a boomer because I’m over 18+ I always thought it was at the age of 50+ :thinking:


sure. what’s your ig so we can get stared. my ig: theplushbeats

pizza vid looked nice. Keep at it