Bookmarking bytes feature?

So, I was outdoors this afternoon and I was just using my data, I opened my app and my area being a small town that it is, it actually has poor data signal. I opened byte and all the videos aren’t even loading (which is understandable bc of my poor network connection). I see my favorite people uploaded but I cannot watch them until I come back home and have a stable connection and there will be new uploads that will flood out the vids I really meant to watch first.

So, I thought, “we could make a bookmark/watch later feature out of this” idk just a random thought.

Bookmarking posts will be helpful in a lot of ways, I guess.

  • If there is a network instability and you have bytes to get back on once your internet is good (my case),
  • If there is a byte that caught your attention with it’s humor and style that you want to make something inspired of it so you have to keep it for future reference,
  • If it’s an actual helpful/educational and interesting thing (life hacks, DIYs, tutorials, art, cooking, makeup, etc that will hopefully be on byte in the future) that you wanna save.
  • If you wanna watch that specific byte but you’re busy at the moment.

instead of manually searching them, you just have a private folder to find those from.

Once again, I don’t know what I’m trying to prove here but I just wanna say that bookmark feature can be a good idea idk just a thought.

The bottom line of this: ew me :weary::fist:


Bookmarking is a great idea I know tik tok keeps all your liked videos in one place which is really useful if you wanna send something you saw earlier to a friend or just look back on all the good videos you found


I really hope this becomes a thing!


we will add the likes timeline soon, and are also working on a bookmarking feature!


Awesome idea! Maybe like “Saved for Later” Bytes?