Blowing off steam

Hey guys if anyone wants to relax and blow off steam im here to listen

For me I got called by my college saying I need to add a class on a Friday, where my usual schedule would be from 8-12. But now if I add the class i’ll be leaving until 5. It may not seem like a big deal and probably its not but I’m just mad now because of how late I have to stay on campus.

Yeah other people may leave later, but the lady on the phone told me if I did not add the class she will keep calling until I add. But it makes no sense to me since it’s college. Let me go at my own pace… This is probably pointless and many people may disagree with me, but as of right now I stand by my case and i am upset.

Sorry if this breaks any rules Dom.

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Hey, I been there before. It sucks! I had clases until 10:15 PM. Imagine at what time was I at home to then wake up early and go to work.

But it’s all worth it at the end. At least we get to have an education.

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Sorry bro, I hate late classes. But yea that’s hella relatable. I registered for my writing class this semester and last second they moved it to Friday when I was planning on having Fridays as my Off Day.

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It really does suck! I can’t imagine having to deal with that especially to go to work right after, when you need your energy the most!

You suddenly get used to it. To be honest it’s way easier to work than college.

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It totally blows my mind, when these things happen.

I assume you signed up on time , so for them to move your class to a day you wanted off totally sucks.
I would be upset

I honestly agree!

Yeah people who don’t go to college and work say “Yeah I rather be in school” but the truth is it’s hard because you won’t sleep sometimes, finals/mid terms stress you out, to the point of almost collapsing or what not.

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