Black Panther [SPOILERS]

I just got back from watching Marvel’s Black Panther and I thought it was pretty decent, I loved the storyline and thought they really did great on everyone’s backstory without decribing every detail to the audience. I’ll discuss more in the comments as more people post so feel free to discuss the movie!

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I watched yesterday, i like it. I loved the performance of Michael B. Jordan

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Yeah he was amazing!

Literally the bomb

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Yeah agreed

I’m a little bit disappointed the Soul Stone wasn’t in it

I really enjoyed it! The setting, the costumes, the design of EVERYTHING was so beautiful. The soundtrack was super refreshing and now i’m just listening to “Black Panther; The Album” on repeat. :+1::+1:

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I watched it a few days ago and it redeemed Michael B Jordan for that terrible Fantastic Four movie he did a few years ago.

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Yes his acting was perfect, I don’t think any other person could have done better.

I enjoyed it too (saw it about a week ago), which is ironic because I don’t usually enjoy superhero movies. It was just very exciting and entertaining and the actors were great of course :slight_smile:

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people will tell you it’s overrated, but it’s not. Having a black main cast is a big deal.