Black Friday Buying Help

Hi everyone, I’m looking for two good laptop to buy for Black Friday and so far two have caught my attention:

1- HP Laptop - 15t touch with Intel i7 ( )

2- HP Touchscreen 17.3" HD+ Notebook (…%C2%A0)

The first one right now is 525$ from 1.239,99 but I’m upgrading it to i7 Quad-Core so around 600$

The second one is already Quad-Core, the screen is bigger, 17.3 and has 2TB, it will be on 649$ from 899$

So for you which one is better to buy? And if you know of another one for around the same amount and better let me know.

What are you going to be using it for?


biggest question ^^


Mostly editing. Photoshop, iDesing, Filmora and other video editing programs. I don’t think I’ll play games on it besides LOL and Fortnite which I know they will run on it. I’m also trying to find a gamer one for the graphics update.

take the one with the strongest processor, i use my alienware to edit videos and it still lags smh.

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They both are 8th Gen i7 Quad-Core. I think I’m going for the second one or a Amazon exclusive HP gaming laptop that is a little more expensive 1.000$ but can pay it in 5 parts :confused:
The amazon one is 16GbRam/ 4GB Graphics and 128SSD/1TB HHD. 8Gen i7 with six cores.

If you’re going to be editing video, I’d tell you to get the one with the most RAM, but they’re both 8gb so it’s up to you really.

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Woa, this is a lot to process.

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If you’ll be using it for video editing kinda stuff, I’d suggest you a laptop with SSD instead of HDD. NVMe SSD is 10x faster than the standard SATA HDD. You can either buy the one with SSD or purchase it externally like the Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB which costs $200. I promise it’ll be very handy for you while editing… It’ll boost the booting, File opening & even uploading time and thereby saving yours

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It is necessary to have atleast a Full HD display for video editing bc if it’s HD or HD+ and you’re going to edit 1920*1080 resolution videos, you can’t experience how it looks like in Full HD.
(Buy the one which mentions ‘IPS LCD’ for a better viewing angle)
It’s better if it has a dedicated graphics card than the integrated graphics card.
Backlit keyboard & Narrow bezel laptops gives it a modern look, but it’s totally up to you.
Battery buckup should be more the 8-10 hours… But more than 12 hours would be awesome.
I’d suggest you HP ENVY i7 8th Gen laptop. It does have all these specs and costs somewhere between 1000 bucks…

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