Bitmoji on V2

I was thinking maybe bitmoji stickers can be put on V2 like it is on Snap if that’s even possible…


I think that is not necessary

I think that would be nice. I really like the stickers

Well, when are you goind to use it? It’s not a messaging app like snapchat

Sounds cool but would be harder to use since it would have to be used in a different way than Snapchat

Interesting idea!

No 8charrr

I think bitmojis are in enough places already

bitmoji already has a contract with one of twitter’s competitors so i do not see that happening

Nice idea, I don’t really like them but some people love them :smile:

true, but Twitter isn’t involved with v2

I don’t think so

But V2 or Vine is not from Snapchat company…:zipper_mouth_face:

true true