Birthday Shouts/Spotlight?

I don’t know if this was already talked about, but what if v2 had like an area where people get birthday shoutouts ( i.e Genuine Content Users) & not spammy/fake accounts and you only get it once because some people might change their birth dates. Having said that the birthday spotlight would give those users an extra exposure boost for their special day. Also some other features can inlcude a birthday cake on their profile maybe next to their name idk.

But, what are your thoughts on this guys?


Moved to Ideas and Feature Requests, loving this.

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I really like this idea!

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Good idea!

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Yes omg! This would be an awesome feature :smile:

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This is such a cool idea. Maybe there could even be an option for your followers to make a video together saying/singing happy birthday where its all edited together.


I love it and also it might increase the use of the app, I would certainly open the app on my birthday if it has thus feature and the thing that you said about only changing it once is awesome like when you create an account the birthday you put can’t be changed :ok_hand: