Bird box challenge

Lets see Netflix say no to this Bird Box Challenge
:warning: :warning: :warning: WANT MORE GOOFY SHIT :warning: :warning: :warning:


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:warning: :warning: :warning: Business Inquiries :warning: :warning: :warning:

would remove the last word from your title.


Also, @Profan1ty, it’s best to steer away from offensive insults.

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Psh forget him but thanks Annam I learnt that a while sides haters and dislikes just means youre doing something right in my book

idk bout all that :joy:

I’d say that hate and dislikes that come from you using offensive language, etc don’t mean you are doing something right.
The only time i see hate and dislikes as a sign of success is when you grow in popularity, and people hate just for the sake of it


I want to try it for a full day

Oh nooo dont do that

I typed this comment blindfolded:

zhjtdebwbfolol aqd vikdeo

i share this sentiment.

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Christ :joy: what was it supposed to say

That’s a cool video :sweat_smile::+1:

Hahaaa ok thanks

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Why would I put a bird in a box that’s mean


you got merch at 178 subscribers.

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da fuq is going on lol.

Stupid pop culture recreation.

I cannot take you seriously anymore :joy::sob:

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