I wonder if there are any bilinguals/ people studying another language out there that want to make content in the language they’re studying. I’m studying Japanese and it’s hard to find native Japanese speakers in my area and that makes it hard to practice speaking it. Regardless of if anyone gravitates towards it I plan on making my content in Japanese in order to help me. But it feels like I’m the only person doing that so idk haha, see ya.


I’m bilingual my main language is Spanish but all my content is in English😂


Russian was my first language, but i’ve forgotten a lot of it. it would be cool to find others who speak it on here tho, and making content in the language you’re studying is actually a great idea if you have the audience for it!!


Russian is my first language, but all my content is in english because no one knows russian lmao


I’m French first language

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We should start making content in other languages y’all


This is a pretty good idea. I’d be interesting in following some people making content in German

I studied in high school and did very well, but I haven’t studied it since

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Smh you can’t be bilingual you’re either homolingual or hetrolingual


PT2 This is also why it would be great if byte was available in other countries with the native language available. Byte isn’t in Japanese, the layout is just simple enough for non English speaks to navigate through.

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Same here XD

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I grew up with both English and Spanish. Know bits of French and am very very slowly learning Japanese :heart: but all my content is English so far too. I can’t remember the account name, but I do follow one person who always posts in japanese, but they add subtitles :blush:


we’re literally twins

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I speak English and Dutch fluently and have also learned German and French and I usually do understand them but can’t speak them.


Привет, как вы делаете?

I’m doing great! (Had to use Google Translate. lol)

Maar hoe gaat het met jou dan?

bilingual gang

I speak English, Turkish and German fluently and I‘m learning French in school but that sucks they talk too fast :roll_eyes::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat:


I speak Thai and English! Learning German and Spanish rn.

I learn Chinese for 6 years but the longest sentence I know is “can I go to toilet” :clown_face::skull: