Biggest "Wishful" Feature You Would Like To See On V2

I would like to see “Beginning” “Up And Coming” Artists Page. Just a Page of Profiles (Profile Pic Snippets) to Scroll Down and see all of the Artists with their Profile Name/LoopCount. I dunno, I think that would be an interesting Feature👌


that would be a good feature

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i want to see a feature that allows new users to get exposed and create a following


Thank you. I thought it’d be cool. What would you like to have as a Feature?

That would be the Best way to Create a Vast and equal as possible way for ALL Artists to have chances to get Noticed👌

Well at the first very months of Vine there was a function called as "Editor Picks"
It was usefull, actually vine gave a great spotlight to the selected video.

Maybe there could be this function again, ofc improved.
is that possibile @dom ?


A random button would also be nice so you can see people you have never saw before and discover new and raw talent


That’s pretty cool. I like that idea.

What if rather than scrolling through a Viners page video for video, you could just hit a button and watch a compilation of there top/best vines in either a random order or the user can choose the order.


That would be cool too. Kinda like and extended “Up to date” Story Feature. A comp (2 or 3 or so) of your Most Viewed Vids, as a Promotion kinda Feature. I like it.

That nostalgic feeling from 2013 of Watching raw vines always Wells my heart remembering those one take vines from the early days.
I hope that they start basic with editing. A simple point and shoot feature. I feel like raw original content on vine started dying when whe got all that fancy editing and sound effects added to vines. Not saying keep it raw, but wait to allow camera roll uploads for a while just to bring back that feeling of realism in vines. Point and hold.
This would be great and it would also I feel help preserve V2 for as long as possible


I think pretty much everyone coming back on V2 will be in an extremely Nostalgic high of wanting to Record Vids again. The only thing different is that this won’t be “New” to past Artists, but it will be a new experience for beginning ones though. I think you will see a Mayhem Amount of Posts, of all kinds lmao It’s definitely going to be very entertaining. First month is gonna be people Screaming in the Camera “V2 IS HERE!!!” “FRE SHA VACADO WATER-MALON PATRICIA!!!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Omg, I can’t wait to see everyone so excited lol

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Ugh me to. My wallpaper is literally the V2 dom tweeted out. Loving the forums.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That is awesome lmfao

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Yeah man I Love these Forms. Dom is a friggin Saint, as well as the Rest of the Team for doing this, and for Reviving this App into V2. Seriously can’t wait…but I will lol

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I’ve always been fond of reposting. It really helps you discover more content as well as boosting your own visibility within the app when you are reposted. There has to be the option to hide the reposts of individual users from your feed or a separate feed which only contains the reposts of the users you follow

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I fully agree with you @darinking :+1::+1:

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Diggin it @eleanor :+1: :+1: You definitely put alot of useful and great thoughts into this.

thats good :grinning :

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