Biggest mistake ever (about Fortnite)

Few months ago -when I used to be active on forums-, I said that I had a Friend code for Fortnite Save the World and gave my PSN name so people (who has STW) and I could play together. (I never said that i was giving the code away)

Now, I get 5 friend requests and 8 messages per day from random people who I don’t know asking if Is till had the code. I have like 100+ friends requests right now and I keep getting new ones. ITS ANNOYING.

How can I stop this!? :joy:

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if you made a new topic about the friend code then you can request to delete it by pressing the 3 dots on the topic’s post, clicking the report button, and clicking the ‘something else’ option. you would have to write about why you’d want the post to be deleted and within 24 hours or less you will get a message saying it has been deleted.
if it was a comment then you could use the search engine at the top right corner, click the blue ‘options’ link and type your username into the ‘posted by’ box and a phrase which you might of used (e.g. friend code or fortnite save the world). this should take you to comments you have posted on about the topic. then you can go through them and delete them.

about the friend requests- if you don’t want to add the people who have requested to be your friends then you can just decline their request.

That’s so terrible. Just delete the post and decline/block them all.