Big Creators and Small STOP!

We as a community need to accept that the tiktokers will do there own thing. Don’t harass them because they like to dance. Not Cool. Posting “Don’t Do Tiktoks here” is the most annoying post. I like tiktok as much as I love byte but come on, there both apps that will have friendly competition. I haven’t see ONE video on tiktok talking about “Don’t post your bytes here”. Who ever is posting “don’t post your tiktoks here” your making the community toxic and very hard to transfer from tiktok to byte. Once they find out how toxic the feed is towards tiktok users they won’t stay long for sure.

So please, be respectful when you post. Don’t bash anyone based off there social media presence.


While I agree that the harassment is bad and unnecessary, I think most people are annoyed when others just re-upload existing tiktoks (whether its their own or from another user). Byte wants to promote creativity, and ripping off content from another app just doesn’t seem very creative, but thats just my opinion.


Yeah, I was about to make a similar post after I’ve seen the comments user @ bonbibonkersBYTE has received.

I’ve been following her for more than a year on TikTok, she really is a creative fellow who could contribute a lot, but what those commenters fail to understand is that she has been treated badly by TikTok, hurt like me and some of you too.

I am frustrated by some things TikTok does, but as the guidelines here demand, I criticize ideas, not people. This picture says it all

(in case it’s hard to read, the author signature is GPrime85 and it’s an artist on twitter)

update: she posted that she deleted the app because of the comments. gj on scaring away a creator that has 1.6 million followers


It’s silly, the amount of hate there is towards TikTok. While I understand that the reuploading is annoying, it should be up to the developers to create a filter that block the tiktok watermark.

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We make those posts because Tiktoks belong on tiktok

  1. Tiktok DISCOURAGES creativity, which is want the staff and we want from byte. We want to bring back the energy of vine, and that’s not gonna happen if people are posting dancing and lypsincing trends that require no creativity at all

  2. Tiktok was a place where people became popular just by being pretty. And a lot of people are coming into byte with that attitude. That is not going to encourage creativity or interesting content either

More importantly, this isn’t Tiktok 2. The staff created this app with a vision and an identity on mind. We all joined because we want and care about that vision. If people want to create tiktoks, they can still post them on tiktok. If they flood Byte with them, it just becomes a copy of tiktok and we are left with nothing, again.


Yes, it would indeed be a problem if they did that. However, if a creator I follow decided to get a profile on Byte, and instead of leaving it empty they posted one or two vids, then it’s fine.

Even if it was previously posted on Instagram and/or TikTok. They won’t thrive on that. And there’s no point in starting a campaign against videos with the TikTok watermark when what’s it been, two days? Give them time to get a clue. The creator I like the most doesn’t post anything on Byte. I wonder why! :wow: :mad: :what:

To be fair, I’ve seen different comments, some rude, some reasonable, some both. I try to be patient, helpful, and nice. Let’s be an example for them.

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If we let this continue byte will not only be seen as “Vine___2” but also a very Negative and harsh place to try and grow. This is more than likely a fad and what I think the byte team should do is delete all post that are dragging down other creators for dancing on byte. It’s not fair and we would gain a lot more traction if the byters weren’t always dragging the tiktokers down. Tiktok would and could probably be done by now if people just let the tiktokers do there thing. They will see you canT do a 6 second dance or whatever and then they will eventually get the idea. I need to be more creative. They’ll bring there crew from tiktok and let them on byte


While I don’t want things to be toxic and I don’t think anyone should be harassed, I don’t want to be promoting that we won’t this app to be accepting of the same types of random non creative content that Tik Tok is known for pushing.

We want to make a statement and take back our creative culture.

I was on Tik Tok, I was posting creative videos. They deleted my account with 11,000 followers and 458 videos because I had too many cuts and camera shake in my videos. Also because I criticized them for promoting over sexualized music to under aged women. I didn’t harass, I gave my opinion. I was silenced for being different.

There is something to be said about criticizing and not harassing.

We need to criticize all of the bad things that Tik Tok created yet not mindlessly hate on anything that isn’t part of our byte community, yet.

Mindlessness was/is the whole problem with Tik Tok.

At the same time, making jokes especially about Tik Tok is a form of creative which is subjective. We must all have the freedom to express our creativity first. That is what will make this app great.


100% facts. TikTok is about 5 million times bigger than Byte rn, and the only way Byte is gonna be able to survive is if tiktokers come over to Byte (sorry but that’s just the truth). Treat them like trash and theyre not gonna stay ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I’ve been saying the same thing in this forum for awhile - there’s definitely a divide - don’t understand why they try to “promote” byte organically by telling others to download it but discourage creators to re-purpose their content, that could work in this shorter format. End of the day, content is king for social media apps. As a community, welcome others - just like how it states in the comment text box in videos “say something nice” - live by that mantra :pray::sparkling_heart:

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Well this could lead to many negative thing if TikTok took it very seriously. But I doubt they would be like Disney and Nintendo and chase everyone down like that though but it’s always good to be cautious.

Look at it this way: how do you think the YouTubers felt when ex-Viners landed on their platform? For a long time ex-Viners were trashed and criticized for being different. Viners were what Tiktokers are now. If we keep doing this we are no different from the YouTube community that looked down on Viners

Here’s what I’ve observed: creativity thrives on byte. I don’t see any videos with the TikTok watermark on the Spotlight or Popular page, because the goal is to promote a new and creative content.
So what to do about TikTok posters? Easy. We do nothing but ignore them and continue to make our own original, creative content.
This may seem harsh at first, but it’s smarter and less harsh than making fun of or criticizing them. Because let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter how much we try to tell people “Don’t post your TikToks on byte,” they’ll still do it anyways.
I say let them learn the hard way that byte doesn’t work the same way as TikTok and it instead rewards original creative content. From there, they can make the choice on whether to make new stuff or to go back to TikTok.

That’s just my two cents on the issue. :man_shrugging:

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What I would say about this competition between Tik Tok and Byte is that we can make some jokes about it, like friendly, light, and creative stuff for fun only, but if we take it too extreme and make a very hateful content against each app, then that can not be acceptable.

I believe a friendly competition, a light-toned rivalry between Tik Tok and Byte should exist, because that will make each app better, but we just have to make sure that whatever we say about each app, we keep it funny and not too offensive, and we welcome anyone from any apps, because at the end of the day, we are here to enjoy social media, not hate them.

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Yup, that’s a great point - almost comes circle. I don’t see any of the TikTok haters in this thread - I always note the people here that hates on one thing and promotes community in the next statement - very unauthentic. To be honest, I want Byte to do well - I wouldn’t be here otherwise. My hope is that both TikTok and byte co-exist, since they provides platforms for creators to grow. -Henry :blush:

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