Big Brain Ideas for Videos


Are you getting tired of remaking the same recycled jokes/puns/memes and etc? or maybe running out of ideas?

View video ideas below (you can do collaborations :rocket:)

a. How women pack for trips vs. how guys pack for trips (be unique/creative)

b. When your someone tells you to do something, what you say vs. what you really want to say (be unique/creative)

c. East Coast slang vs. West Coast slang (be unique/creative)

d. United Kingdom Slang vs. United States Slang (be unique/creative)

e. How you walk in the club w/ your boyfriend/girlfriend vs. how you walk in the club w/ your squad (be creativity)

f. Flopping in the NBA vs Flopping in Soccer

g. When you literally byte your tongue while arguing

h. When someone hypes up a Netflix Original before you get to see it and it turns out they really overexaggerated.

I. Start a trend, more so a unique challenge (e.g. Pet Cat Challenge, Hot Pepper Challenge, Broom Challenge)

Hopefully, this helps :rocket:


Thank you Tupac. How is cuba btw?

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Your funny :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! My piano teacher says I should be a stand up comedian but I really do prefer sitting.


I like your Rubiks clips, keep up. We need more creators like you :ok_hand:t4: And I used to play the piano

changed from #general-discussion to #community-happenings :sunglasses::star2:

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