Better looking google play

Hi everyone!

I would realy recomend tha the Google Play get a bit improved. I was looking on a Google Play today and I ralized that photos are reayl not eye-catching or that would actualy make you “want” to download the app.

I would highly suggest that you improve that. Add some new photos like: let the first photo be the logo and than the second one of one video with a lot of likes and than the third one could be of the explore page, because for me I think is realy attractive. Than the forth one could be of an actual Byte account.

I catch myself often times looking at photos of the app before I download it, so I think that this is an neccesary stap towards the so called marketing part of the app, where it could better promote itself.

Thanks for understanding, I’m just trying to help!

Tadej Ogorevc