Our team and I created an app to help small content creators and give them a dedicated platform to help them grow their audience/ fans

It was what v2 was going to turn out to be but since they “postponed” and “delayed for an indefinite amount of time.” WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU GUYS.

We currently have 100+ users on the app from all over the world (launched a couple of days ago and it’s in beta)

If you want to get access to it, take the survey and we will send you the link asap.

(** we are looking for quality content creators as we care about our community. ** few spots left for beta testers!)


This seems great. However, I’m still on the process of editing my work so I cant submit any videos.

Of course!

Hey! Just a little heads-up. the whole “BETTER ALTERNATIVE” thing in the title is a bit aggresive and in your face. It’s kinda a jerk move to pull with that wording. Like, V2 is the thing that brought us all here togehter. Don’t be dissing on it. I understand that that may not have been the underlying intention, but it certainly comes off that way with that headline. V2 means a lot to us, and for many of us there is no “BETTER ALTERNATIVE” ~ only stand ins while we wait for the real deal to come out.
Thank you for your time! I hope this was a bit helpful and that you have a great day!!!