Beta (why is it called that)

hmmmmmm does this not promote beta male culture? why is it not the ALPHA like ALPHA MALES


changed to off topic hon

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What?! I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with that. :sweat_smile: The first testing phase of an app is called the alpha testing phase. Whilst the second phase is called the beta testing phase. They are only named this way because alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and beta is the second letter. :smile:


I also wanted to know why do we call it beta but now I know. Rafiki just explained it @Rafiki thanks!

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Ad also why would AN APP RELEASE NAME promote a culture!?!

Beta means “son” in Hindi/urdu


Yeah, what rafiq said! Idk if they’re ever gonna have gamma, sigma, or omega phases tho. it’d be cool (no jk don’t that would take eternity to accomplish)

Apps and games typically refer to the development stages as alpha and beta, pre-alpha usually being for inside development and alpha and beta being open testing for bugs and whatnot. After beta, the software does actually end up in a gamma phase (although nobody really calls it that) meaning it is pretty much ready to release and is released as a “normal” public version for anyone to use :+1:


why not BYTA (byte + beta)?