Beta version out on iOS/Android for app that lets users string together 20s videos

Hey guys, would love to hear your thoughts on Roobit - built around the idea of users being able to chain/string together sub-20 second video stories; there’s also a personal messaging component where people can kickoff and contribute to geo-locked video message chains over time.

An example of something you can do - an original poster may decide on a theme to kick things off — say what you ordered at a Korean BBQ restaurant known for an expansive menu — allowing others to chain videos of their choices whenever they visit there, creating a time capsule of sumptuous meal combinations.

"Mibs", shortened from ‘message in a bottle’, represents the geo-locked/personal messaging version of this, so you choose your connections that the video chain is visible to and they can unlock and add to it once they’ve visited that location.

Currently sending out download invites for beta version , available for iOS and Android devices, here -

Video preview -

A more in-depth Medium post about Roobit -