Beta testing for OTHER apps

For some reason I love beta testing things so I’m on a beta for snapchat, quizlet, iOS, plus some various other smaller apps. Are you on any beta versions? Just hoping to get on v2’s? What platform?

Thanks luv u


Not on any BETA testing apps but do you know any which are still open for new people?

If you want a good way to find some sign up for websites such as of and you can easily find some to enroll in

EDIT: @amelia because I forgot to reply to you and I just replied to the thread

I never be in beta tester app :pensive:

I never beta tested an app but I got to test a video game, although that is pretty much all I can say about it because I had to sign an NDA

I beta test Snapchat- very fun!

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I don’t even know how to beta test or where to sign up for beta testing for anything

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did you know to avoid the update before hand :joy:

I tried to warn snapchat but they didn’t listen

Yeahhh… I had the update 3 months before everyone but I really liked it


How many people are on the Beta testing for snapchat? Surely they could have listened to you if theres a small amount

Truthfully didn’t seem that bad to me. I think people just don’t like change

I’m not sure but I would imagine a few thousand