Beta Testers selection idea

I think the beta testers should be chosen from an application. This way they can avoid a mess and keep things fair.
Who agrees?


elaborate more on that idea please.

What I meant was before the beta version comes out they should make an application which gets reviewed to select beta testers. The application could include questions like: " why would you be well suited to become a beta tester "
Sorry If I came off confusing , English is not my first language


That’s a great idea!


Yes. I also think only people who are from the forum or know dom personal should have access to that application, but that’s just my opinion. I’m not trying to be negative even though it might sound like it.


Content Creators who have more popularity and have been on the OG Vine should be given priority (example, Logan Paul, Rudy Mancuso, Zach King, etc.)

Like it or not, they are gonna be on the platform and they are the profiles that’ll keep users using the app.
They have professional experience.

2nd Priority should to the people on the community forums.


See this


i believe the beta should be rolled out to a select few of content creators and content viewers


I think that Dom will select the moderators and his close friends to be in the Beta. If you think that someone can be there i already make a post of this, you can check. It have a lot of information of this in the comments


i think v2 should be slowly rolled out to iOS users so the whole world doesn’t break it, that’s what Epic Games’ did with Fortnite Mobile.

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True that’s a good point, but I don’t think V2 will reach that level of popularity right out of the gate that fortnite was at when it released on mobile

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Great post Thomy I remember reading that🤙🏼

Pick em from the forums

Doing an application process won’t work. There will be way too many people applying, all it will do is slow down the time for V2’s release.

I agree to an extent. It’s a nice idea but it’ll just be too ambiguous overall

A good way to go about it, I think, is with a few select past-creators, the staff that helped with making the app, and a randomly generated group from the forums.

Not all beta testers will be content creators. The staff needs to know how good the viewer experience is as well. I’m sure that the staff has a general idea of who/how they’re going to select for beta testing.

idk man. this stuff really confuses me. like ik what beta is now. but like now the process and all. It hurts my head. Thank u for all the smart people In the world who actually know stuff and are not like me.