Beta Testers For Yuser

Hi Danieru,

Thank you for the kind words. While it might seem gimmicky, for everyone to be valued on a social network you have to find better ways to incentivize users beyond the traditional most likes/views idea. I appreciate you signing up to test it out :slight_smile:



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Looks cool, do you guys plan on promoting it more?

This actually seems really cool and has a lot of potential. I really love what his company stands for. It seems a lot more friendly and professional than Oevo.

Hi there,

Thanks for that. Yes we do plan to promote more. We are currently figuring some stuff out with our token (cryptocurrency).


i signed up!

Thanks Christopher :slight_smile: means a lot

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I signed up. it’s a little different from other social media sites. I really like that about it

Hi Lilly,

Exactly. We want to build something users are familiar with, but build off of it and make it better. Thank you for signing up :slight_smile:



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“Gamified” social network? This idea sounds very interesting. I gotta sign up for this! :blush:

Great to hear! Thanks for signing up

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I signed up and I also sent an email for beta tester

Thank you! replying to the email as we speak :slight_smile:

Signed up as well. Looking forward to check this out

Thank you! Appreciate the support :slight_smile:

I’ll sing uppp

Thank you!

Signed up! The logo is dope and the whole app style seems cool.

Awesome! Thank you that means a lot

Hi Mike! Love this idea. If you’re still accepting beta testers for Yuser, I would love to check it out and give helpful feedback if it would be of value to you.

Hi Abby,

Thank you! We are actively accepting new beta testers, just had a huge amount of people signup, so just compiling emails into the list.