Beta questions

does anyone know that if a person is doing beta testing, will their profile, username, videos, followers, etc all be transferred to the actual app when it launches? Or will we all have to restart all over again?

the beta has to come out sooner than the actual launch so i’m assuming it’ll come out in the winter of 2018/19? That’s pretty soon and we still didn’t get a notice about it (I don’t think we did, I might be wrong)

Anyway I’m hyped for this though haha


The user will be transferred and I guess everything else as well.


Ya, I recall asking dom that a while back. Everything will most likely be transferred over from the beta…





Can we still keep the beta in our phones after we download the new app so we can still test out new things after it

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I’m hyped for byte as well. I believe as someone has already stated, all profile info will transfer which makes sense. I presume that a lot of people will be on the public beta it will help those people maintain their profiles and content. Even though this is a good start for some, I suppose it wouldnt be a huge difference between beta and the launch.


i think so too, the app looks pretty simple and easy to use as per the screen recordings, so hopefully there wont be any MAJOR difficulties with the app, and even if there were, im sure the beta testers will be quick to find em


will i be able to download the beta to both my android and my ipad

@paulghosts I don’t think so. If you do get beta access, you will most likely get only one download.

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There have been a lot of people asking about this. Next time try using the search bar to find topics before creating duplicates. Thanks! :+1:t2:

I don’t think anyone has made a post about this yet though

@kevinaf Here.

This one isn’t specifically about it but it does include speculation about transfer of data.

There are more but you get the idea. Why make a reply before fact checking yourself? I mean, it’s not hard for you to use the search bar. I didn’t even include topics about beta release date speculation. Obviouslynot use it before you replied to me. Disappointing behavior from an expert.

I looked up “transfer” and found nothing related to this topic

also the 3rd one you linked was talking about the forums

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@kevinaf You gotta actually use the search bar. That means trying several searches. That’s like me searching “beta” and not seeing anything about the release date and making a topic about when the release date is. You should know that by now.

The titles are related but the topics are completely different.

Also when you see a related topic please read it well before marking is as duplicated, bc many people uses the same titles but the content it’s pretty different, a duplicated post would say exactly the same thing.

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My point stands, there are topics asking the same question.

Okay, you’re good.

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You too! :+1:t2:

Where did you see screen recordings?

its somewhere on the discords

Starts at 19:06