Beta in a few hours?!

I saw on twitter that beta comes out in 3 hours from now. Is this true??!

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from who?

link the post

The only official accounts are @dhof and @v2app on Twitter


I know that, I was curious to who his source was

it might also possible someone made a leak or something

Haha sorry, I thought I was replying to the owner of the post.

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Its most likely not true. Sorry.

It is completely fake, only trust dom’s and the v2app twitter.

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I wish it was today!

everyone does!


A lot of fake accounts were saying beta was starting today.

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Think i know what you are talking about. saw something as a comment on one of the tweets. its an app thats like v*ne i think anyway, its 7 sec videos but was only available on apple so couldn’t check it out.

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You probably heard it from a fake source. Although I wish the beta was coming out today! :((

Only trust what you see on Twitter from @dhof and @v2app, everything else is fake.


It will just be from a fake account

no it is completely fake.^share|twsrc^m5|twgr^email|twcon^7046|twterm^1

@dom ??? Spam account?

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Like if you think that the forum users should be on the recommended accounts on vine for the first 2 days :):smile: