[Beta] App Testers

Anyone interested in being an Oevo Beta tester?
Please let us know. We are looking for people who have Android phones.

Thank You!


I have an Android and would like to become a beta tester. I’ve been having a few issues I’ve already reported.

I’m all for this. you know I’ll be looking through the app top to bottom searching for bugs hehe. I’ll be sure to give out constant updates on my user experience aswell

Thanks! We have your email. Added you already. You should get an email shortly. Thanks for your service :wink:

@TheKingHusker Please let me know your email! Thank You!!

I’m interested!!

I am not a fan of the current app, but why not giving this a shot? Count me in.

Thanks guys! got the DM emails. Will be sending out the beta emails shortly!

I don’t have an Android phone, but I would like to try out this beta, if it’s any different from the current software on iOS. Is it possible for me to join?

I’m good, thanks.

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