Best Youtuber's to Fall Asleep To?

I love these kinds of artists. They have voices like butter, but I wish I knew about more. My current list of people I fall asleep to are generally informational, such as Wendover Productions, Real Life Lore, and misteramazing. There are also obvious ones that are quite common, like BobRossInc. So share your calmly YouTubersand let’s talk about 'em!

I just watch ASMR and I sleep like a baby.


Oh right I forgot about ASMR. Do you have any channels I should check out for that genre?

I really like ASMR, PJdreams I think is his name is really good and I really like him

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I’ll check him out!

I love PokiASMR she’s a gamer that created a ASMR channel, she’s really cute and unpredictable.
I recommend PJDreams as well

But the best it’s called ASMR Zeitgeist he’s really profesional and the best quality.

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ASMR Channels:
•ASMR Darling
•ASMR Glow
•Karuna Satori

binging with babish, I could hear him talk for hours (and he is starting a podcast as well)

I’m watching this one right now.


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