Best Video editing software (FREE)?

I honestly have no clue on what editing software is good or bad. I’m sorry if there is another thread like this one, btw. I wanna start making and editing videos but I have no idea what software to use. Can anyone help me out??? Thx :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue::hamburger:


Yeah of course… Just choose BTW these to simplify the explanation! :wink:
Macbooks/other laptops

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oh on windows :blush:

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I think you’d like lightworks, it may be a bit elaborate at first but you’ll get the hang of it :slightly_smiling_face: I personally used adobe premiere which IMO is more easier to use

Same, I find Adobe CC software to be the best.

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Okay… I’d say, adobe aftereffects, Corel videostudio and adobe premier pro. It’s not free of cost but you can download it from Piratesbay or kickass torrent anyways. FYI a macbook would be much cooler for editing as it has iMovie, which is a built in software and better compared to others too. Windows movie maker may get the job done too, and it’s free.

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Thank you guys!!!

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The HD version of DaVinci Resolve is free. It’s not just a colour correction tool, it’s an editor as well. No need to waste money on commercial editors unless you need 4K etc. In which case, the full version of Resolve is an option. FCP X is also another terrific option from what I hear.

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My recomendation is:

Windows Movie Maker
Camtasia Studio (30 days of free trial)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC (14 days of free trial)

I saw ya say on windows, but I gotta throw in.

I do all my edits on iOS. Love me some cutecut. Best 8$ I ever spent on an app. Free version just has a watermark. My understanding is it is what a lot of the tribute/clip/dank meme editors use as well.

I tried to play with lightworks on windows, but my brain started to melt looking at all those buttons to push.

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Joyoshare Media Cutter would be a good start to edit videos, as it provides good learning curve.
I tried using Camtasia to edit videos, but it is so laggy that I can barely use it.

So far I have been only editing on my iPhone and iPad with IMovie. It is simple enough to get started and make decent edits. Someone recently recommended InShot, also on the iPad, and so far I am liking it. It has a little more versatility than iMovie however it is a pay for app.

I’ve been using Youcut for a good minute, it’s on the app store & there’s no watermarks in the final product, which I enjoy :smiley: And I’ve been using Meitu ever since they introduced video editing, & it’s also on the app store if you edit exclusively on your phone. I use Meitu a little more, mostly because it’s more precise and they have pretty good transitions, text, & effects. Also filters if you’re like me & you also shamelessly enjoy using them :blep: