Best universities...(ever!)

Hey guys

What is ur opinion on the best universities?? Preferably in the US and something to do with business??



Like what size and environment are you looking for?

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It really depends on u and ur prefernces theres no such thing as a best uni. But there is a best fit for u and wht u want to do


I didn’t go to college but UT in Austin Texas is a good school, plus you’ll be in Austin and there’s always something to do there, there all different kind of ppl so your destined to make friends.


Yes! There’s great people in Austin. And like you said, there’s so much to do there.

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Northern Michigan University is really cool. It’s in a small town with about 30,000 people when class is in session. It’s in Marquette, the largest city of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Marquette is a great town for outdoorsy types of people. If you like biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, or anything really, Marquette is the place for you.

Dude, with a decision as big as this, don’t just trust a handful of people on the internet. There are websites dedicated entirely to University Analysis, they have more knowledge and expertise thatn anyone outside that industry would.

My advice: Research what universities have a better reputation with the specific careers you were thinking of studying. Then research how “valid” they are in the eyes of the companies/businesses. Check on likedin, or google specificaly to try and find people who studied there, to see how they ended up.

Hahaha yeah. I’m extremely biased and there are literally websites dedicated to this. Don’t take our word for it, take a professional’s.

Yeah I just wanted to see what people think… Thank you though!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::joy:

I took it upon myself to find a good, informative site… Hope it helps :smiley::

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