Best Streamer

Who is the best streamer on Twitch?
I only see streamers in Spanish and I think the best one is called Coscu or it can also be Frankkaster
They make direct video games, I’m not a fan of games but they put a charisma that makes me watch their streamings
They are the best in their area of Latin America and they also created the first streaming house
They spend it doing direct all day, it’s their job. If anyone understands Spanish I recommend that you see them they are very good and very honest people
Who is the best streamer in your native language?

ive been watching this guy from Canada for 4 years now. hes actually the only guy I watch on Twitch. his name is CarbonSixteen. check him out!

Fun fact: im a mod for his channel!

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Uh oh I don’t watch anyone tho :broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Great i will watch him, oh that is so cool!


Sorry haha💔

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