Best pun thread

The rules are simple… post your best pun(s) and the one with the most likes wins
Here’s mine
I was sitting on my butt all day and now it’s numb … I’m dead ass

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Try to guess:

What does a house wear?

Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own?

Did you hear the joke about the German sausage?

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From the top of my head I know the bike was two tired.

RIP boiled water you will be mist.

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I can’t wait to eat my fries tonight.

But I heard that they’re on the run, so I might have to


Why did the bike fall?

It was two-tired

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I know that was cheesy

But it was still a grate pun

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This is the worlds longest joke. Very good, I highly recommend the read if you have the time.