Best of Week One Bytes Comp (Get Your Bytes In!)

Hey everyone! I have a YouTube channel BestOfBytes (I’m excited :blush:) and I’d like to make a Best Bytes of Week 1 comp. This will be composed of clean(!) humorous Bytes from the first week and I’d like to have an equal amount of popular and unknown Byters. If you want to be considered please tag both of the following accounts in the comments of the byte: @TheArielleGirl AND @hermionegranger1
Again BOTH accounts need to be tagged
You may also tag any other videos you think should be considered, just FYI I will probably not do any more than two of the same creator (possibly three but I doubt it)
Consider subscribing to the channel as well!!


I’ll tag you, we need compilations out there made of actually funny videos! So many compilations out there on youtube have the same bytes repeated over and over, or they crop the video to take the names out, or they use comedy that only makes sense for people inside the app (all the follow 4 follow and tiktok jokes don’t mean anything for someone who hasn’t been in the app)

I hope we can start sharing compilations out there that are full of funny content that makes people fall in love with the app, compilations full of Vine energy that make people believe we can make it a ■■■■■■ kinda place


Definitely! And just FYI I spent a good 20 minutes figuring out how to edit so that I could keep the names in :wink:. I really want people to gain exposure to the people who deserve it!

When you download a Byte from the app itself, it comes with the title and the name of the creator attached! So it would be easy to just download them and put them on your editing software.

I’ll tag you in underrated funny bytes, I’m pretty sure you can find the popular ones on your own lol

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Yes, thank you I figured it out (it was the editing app I was using :wink:). Thanks so much for your help!!

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@TheArielleGirl @hermionegranger1
Hey! My byte account is briankscott I try to post once a day.
Please consider putting my videos in your comps!