Best Indie anthem since 2000 playlist

Just like the rock emo one of the 00s Make the ultimate 00s rock/emo song playlist, pls comment a song (make sure there is no duplication in the comments) you would put in a ultimate indie playlist from 2000 to today.


I love indie music but I’m still a noob in the genre so I really want to be illuminated by people responses.

I will start it off with 8 Circle by Bon Iver

So sad that I can only put one, maybe if enough other people put ones I’ll add!

Two door cinema club - what you know

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Ah two door brings me back to HS, good choice.

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Anything from the Format or Fun.

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a punk - vampire weekend :smiling_imp:

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Call it what you want - foster the people

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what’s indie music.

if fun. is an indie band then yeah i like them they’re good very nice band