Best hip-hop artist/rapper of the decade?

Honestly I don’t know who I think is the best. I listen to kid cudi and chance all the time, but I don’t think they’re the best. I love Kanye’s beats but it’s hard to say he’s the best rapper. Maybe one of the most creative though.

What are y’all’s thoughts? Are there any artists that I need to listen to?

(Also, some more of my faves at the moment:
Brockhampton, taylor bennet, kyle, Miguel)


Lil Yachty

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logic, kendrick, jcole, chance, mostly mainstream but all their shit is legit asf.

also props for listening to taylor, he’s awesome


Kanye. He is a genius

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Decade would have to be ye. Kendrick been killing since section 80 though

Kanye West

Artist has to be Ye. Rapper is a tougher one J cole, kendrick, logic, chance maybe?

Brockhampton are my new fav band/collective/boyband. Kanye brought the new wave in, so its hard to not credit him. Kendrick has sooo much influence atm. Best rapper is quite opinionated, so its hard to say. There is so much gold out there though!

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Chief Keef

Kendrick is killin it right now. I miss controversial Eminem.

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Strip down to my skin and my bones, I love huskies but I feel like a wolf (howwwwllll)
(Brockhampton reference lol)

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I also recommend Tyler the creator

I’m a fan of Kanye, big fan of Drake too.