Best GAMING computer?!

Guys, any recommendations on any good gaming computers??? (preferably NOT the most expensive ones :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)



Following bc i need to know this too… currently I just use my macbook xD I have bootcamp on it so I can play Overwatch believe it or not, but my laptop is crying basically the whole time.

I’ve heard that building your own pc can be a very cheap option and you’re able to customize it more to your needs, but I don’t know the first thing about any of that… hopefully somebody here knows more than I do! :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t buy a prebuilt rig, they tend to be more expensive and you don’t get the liberty to do it yourself lol
I’d recommend getting your parts off of Newegg, Amazon or somewhere like that. I made the mistake of building my pc when bitcoin mining was at its peak but prices should be lower now, If you have other questions let me know!

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Definitely try and build your own, I’ve built a few and it works out so much cheaper

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A Granny Smith apple from the grocery store

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It’s hard to say what the best gaming computer could be, but I can tell you what a bad one is…Macs. They’re great for simple things, but they’re really bad for gaming. I tried playing Fortnite on a new Mac and it just doesn’t work. Like, at all.

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Just get a computer which has high resolution, quick loading and has alot of memory and storage.

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deffo recommend building your own. i’ve built a few in my day, and it is so much easier and cheaper in this day and age (i started a decade ago, it’s so much simpler now with all these instructions and vids and simplified parts).
it’s fairly affordable, but you have to thoroughly do your research.

if you’re too lazy to make one or just not interested, my best gaming pc experience has been with ASUS.

this is gonna be kinda long so i’ll hide it>


i don’t game as much as i used to but i am investing in an ASUS ROG zephyrus m, which is hella expensive, but it’s a good investment. they’re durable, and there are far less expensive models with good quality.

don’t get hung up on the little details.

if you have trouble choosing a pc model bc of the cpu options (intel i7 and i9 was mine, i5 is out) and how you think it impacts your individual experience, i9 just has a higher mb of cache (which reorganizes and stores info) and slightly better rez. it’s not that big. not a huge difference imo or ime unless you’re looking for the best equivalent to ram available.

you could even do i5 if you’re going intel (bc you’re probs looking for a laptop), but i find that with i5 you’re getting fairly lower rez and slower processing time, buttttt it’s good for someone who doesn’t have too much xp in computers. it worked p well for me when i had an i5 intel laptop. i played fnaf just fine (lmao i was obsessed with scott cawthon’s games).

i started out with a crappy boxy countertop pc that needed a floppy disc. jfc that was a nightmare. so don’t worry about starting small.

all in all, it’s up to you. you need to go to an electronics store near you and try a couple for yourself. if you’re a uni student you can ask if there are student discounts, here i got my phone with a student discount.

on another note, get a backup external hard drive, especially if you game more than lightly dabbling, bc if you buy your pc cheaper, it’s likely to have crap for storage, but if you invest in the external, everything you’re not currently using is saved on that. it’s usually wireless and compatible with mobile too, so it’s convenient and multi-purpose.

i’ve used seagate which is great. it’s got 4TB which is more storage than i’ll ever need. well actually, that’s debatable.

maybe my advice is not accurate, i haven’t done anything with actual computers apart from languages in a long while, so my brain is probs set in 2012.

i’m sorry if i’ve gotten anything wrong or confused. i’m rusty af and all over the place.

so, that’s the best advice i’ve got.

oh and no offense to mac users, but mac succs for gaming, and they’re overly expensive and easy to break.
better an hp if not an asus.
i’ve seen hp’s have up to a TB hd for a pretty low price.

do your research, dude is my definitive answer. it’s p important if you’re going to shell over hundreds of (insert your currency).
if you want me to list some individual models, i can do that. just message me and what you’re specifically looking for/the games you want to play. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait…Im so confused…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::rofl:

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best by far is alienware but it’s super expensive :grimacing: I’ve ha diy eye on one for years and it’s over $1,000. my dad usually uses an Acer or my Dell, but idk if they’re good or not lol.

Any tutorials on how to build a computer???

I would never go with Alienware, they’re too overpriced for something you can build yourself or buy for a fraction of the price


true I guess lol

im into laptops so what i can tell you is to check out the G3 series by dell.

There’s a lot on YouTube, it sounds daunting at first but it’s quite simple

idk just build your own if you’re looking for an inexpensive option but maybe buy one if you want??? I’m not a pro gamer or anything but I built my own and it’s pretty ok although I need to get a better graphics card