Best Dom Moment

Dom has quite a lot of info on what the app will and will not be, but he also has some pretty solid replies that are more than just bits of information. This is my all time favorite Dom reply.

This was around the time where the fake app was being talked about in the forums, more specifically with this post depicting a still image of one of the fake apps:

Click to see image of post


dom’s response was short but sweet:

Blessed. The amount of care he has for his project is complemented by a glimmering confidence that in this instance took the form of a straight ROAST.

TY for all of it, dom


Dom is actually L I T, his sense of humor is on point!


Hahahhahhahah “it’s really bad”

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Thats me describing how desperate I am for V2 :joy::persevere:

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what the doctor said when i came out the womb and my mum asked about me